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FEMA developed the Mitigation electronic Grants (eGrants) system to meet the intent of the eGovernment initiative to reduce the time and paperwork involved in managing the grant process. 

eGrants supports the following Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) grant programs:   

Program logo for Pre-Disaster Mitigation program.   Program logo for Flood Mitigation Assistance program.  Program logo for Severe Repetitive  Loss program  Program logo for Repetitive Flood Claims program.

Select a program logo above to learn more about that HMA grant program.

The Mitigation eGrants system consists of two parts:

1. The External Mitigation eGrants System for Subgrant Applicants and Grant Applicants is available on the Internet at:

2. The Internal Mitigation eGrants System for FEMA users is available on the FEMA intranet at:

 Locals; State Agencies; State Recognized Indian Tribes; Alaskan Villages States, Federally recognized Indian Tribes, Territories  Headquarters and Regional FEMA staff

Select a user type above for information on the Mitigation eGrants system specific to that user.

eGrants Application Process

To learn more about how the Mitigation eGrants system is used to process HMA applications, click here.

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