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This page provides information about FEMA's Mitigation electronic Grants (eGrants) system, developed to meet the intent of the eGovernment initiative to reduce the time and paperwork involved in managing the grant process for the Hazard Mitigation Assistance grant programs.

Use eGrants to Apply for Hazard Mitigation Assistance Programs

The eGrants system supports the following Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) grant programs:   

Program logo for Pre-Disaster Mitigation program.   Program logo for Flood Mitigation Assistance program.  Program logo for Severe Repetitive  Loss program  Program logo for Repetitive Flood Claims program.

Select a program logo above to learn more about that HMA grant program.

eGrants System

The Mitigation eGrants system consists of two parts:

1. The External Mitigation eGrants System for Subgrant Applicants, or Subapplicants, and Grant Applicants, or Applicants, is available on the Internet through the FEMA Grants Portal

2. The Internal Mitigation eGrants System for FEMA users is available on the FEMA Intranet

Grant Applicants and Subgrant Applicants use the External eGrants system to create and manage applications for Federal assistance. 

FEMA uses the Internal eGrants system to review and approve applications for mitigation assistance.

eGrants Users

Eligible Grant Applicants for the HMA grant programs are States, the District of Columbia, U. S. Territories, and Federally-recognized Native American Tribal governments. Each State, Territory, Commonwealth, or Native American Tribal government shall designate one agency to serve as the Applicant.

Local governments are considered Subgrant Applicants and must apply to their Applicant State/Territory.

Select a user type below for information on the Mitigation eGrants system specific to that user.

 Locals; State Agencies; State Recognized Indian Tribes; Alaskan Villages States, Federally recognized Indian Tribes, Territories  Headquarters and Regional FEMA staff


eGrants Application Process

Subgrant Applicants create planning and project subapplications and submit them to the Grant Applicant.  Grant Applicants review and approve subapplications from their Subgrant Applicants as well as create and submit their own planning, project and management costs subapplications.  Grant Applicants then create a grant application for submittal to FEMA to which they attach and rank subapplications.

To learn more about how the Mitigation eGrants system is used to process HMA applications, visit the eGrants Application Process page.

eGrants Helpdesk

For assistance with the eGrants system, please contact the eGrants Helpdessk via email: or telephone:  1-855-228-3362.

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