Mitigation Best Practices Portfolio: Hurricane Katrina - Alabama

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Learn how people in Alabama reduced and prevented damage in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Below you will find a sampling of Best Practices.

Home Buy-Outs Create Green Space on Dauphin Island

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  • Dauphin Island has created a more hurricane-resistant community.
  • Property acquisitions have taken place as mitigation measures to protect renters, owners and businesses from frequent flooding caused by hurricanes and storms.
  • Since Hurricane Katrina, Dauphin Island has begun requiring an additional two feet of freeboard above the Base Flood Elevation for all new construction to help reduce the risk of future flood damages to properties.
  • Recreational areas, green spaces and bird habitats occupy land where repetitive loss properties once stood.

Island Sea Lab Prepares for Hurricanes

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Main Points:

  • After being repeatedly assaulted by hurricanes, the Dauphin Island Sea Lab decided to install hurricane shutters as a preventive measure against future hurricane damage.
  • The sea lab is a marine science institution with academic and research distinction.
  • The sea lab was awarded Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funds for the hurricane shutters.
  • Following Hurricane Katrina, the sea lab was soon operational, with classes resuming when roads became passable and power was restored after two weeks.

Other Hurricane Katrina Best Practices

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