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    Cover Image for Winter Weather Safety Graphics album

    Winter Weather Safety Graphics

    A collection of winter weather safety graphics for Ready and AP!
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    Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training Materials

    This collection includes the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training Materials.
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    Cover Image for CERT Training Videos album

    CERT Training Videos

    Training Videos for Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT). FEMA P-809 E / April 2011
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    Cover Image for South Carolina Flooding album

    South Carolina Flooding

    Imagery from 2015 South Carolina floods.
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    Cover Image for Rasplot album


    RASPLOT is a computer program created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, originally developed to allow users to create flood profiles through the automatic extraction of data from HEC-RAS hydraulic modeling files. Flood profiles are required for inclusion in the Flood Insurance Study reports which usually accompany the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) for communities participating in FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program.
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    Cover Image for Teen Cert album

    Teen Cert

    This container holds information on Teen Cert
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    Cover Image for National Flood Insurance Program Transformation album

    National Flood Insurance Program Transformation

    This collection contains all documents for the National Flood Insurance Program transformation, including information for policyholders who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.
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    Hazard Mitigation Products

    This collections houses handout products that supports the mission. This collection is for hazard mitigation products to inform stakeholders about hazard mitigation. The goal of this collection is to provide emergency managers, planners, and others involved with products that will assist them with passing on information about hazard mitigation.
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    Katrina 10 years later

    This collection contains information on what FEMA has accomplished 10 years after Hurricane Katrina.
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    Cover Image for National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program - NEHRP album

    National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program - NEHRP

    Earthquakes pose one of the greatest natural hazards in the United States, with potential for significant casualties and damage to buildings and infrastructure. According to a 2006 National Research Council (NRC) report,2 42 States have some degree of earthquake risk and 18 of those States have areas of high or very high seismicity. Over 75 million Americans live in urban areas with moderate to high earthquake risk.
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    Homeland Security National Training Program

    This collection contains documents for the Homeland Security National Training Program. The HSNTP/CTG program develops and delivers innovative training programs that are national in scope and play an important role in the implementation of the National Preparedness System by supporting the building, sustainment, and delivery of core capabilities essential to achieving the National Preparedness Goal of a secure and resilient nation.
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    Cover Image for Children & Disaster Newsletters album

    Children & Disaster Newsletters

    This collection includes FEMA Children & Disasters Newsletter - The FEMA Children & Disasters Newsletter is a resource for youth preparedness practitioners, educators, parents, children, and teens. It shares timely research, examples of successful youth preparedness programs, safety tips, and resources related to youth preparedness.
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    Fire Grants eBlast

    eBlasts inform the public of deadlines to apply for grants and other up to date information.
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    Lessons Learned Information Sharing

    The LLIS program develops and disseminates lessons learned, trend analyses, case studies, and innovative ideas to improve preparedness for the emergency management and homeland security communities. These documents, produced through research and analysis by the LLIS Team, support whole community learning and continuous improvement.
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    External Affairs Policies

    This collection contains Policies, Strategic Plans, and Doctrine
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    US Fire Administrative

    This collect holds policies, doctrine and strategies.
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    PNP - GPD

    Collection of PNP policies within GPD.
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    PNP Policies

    Collection of all Policies under PNP
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    ORR - Planning

    Collection of doctrinal and strategic products for ORR planning.
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    ORR - Individual Assistance

    Collection of doctrinal and strategic products for ORR.