Fort Travis, Texas

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In 1898, along with federal development of the Port of Galveston, construction on the present Fort Travis was begun. The fort was completed in 1899 and heavily damaged during the 1900 storm. Repairs included the present 15 foot sea wall. During World War I Fort Travis garrisoned troops defending the Port of Galveston and its approaches. In 1942, the fort was enlarged and 2,500 troops were stationed there. When the war ended, Fort Travis was declared surplus property, dismantled, and in 1949 sold to private interests. The 60 acre park was acquired through a Moody Foundation grant in 1976 and is operated by the Galveston County Beach and Parks Department. Hurricane Ike in 2008 destroyed much of the promenade, sidewalks, and portions of the caretaker's house originally used to house Generals serving at Fort Travis. The collaborative effort of several FEMA components are displayed in this video as they begin repairs to restore and protect against future damage from storm at this historic landmark. - Location: Galveston, TX
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