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The Community Education and Outreach section of the Mitigation Branch promotes effective hazard mitigation ideas and techniques through community education, outreach, training and coordination with public and private sectors. In addition to the management staff, the CEO Group is comprised of three additional teams or sections, each serving different functions to accomplish the CEO objective. The three teams and their functions are:

  • Community Education Team - provides hazard mitigation information and guidance in DRCs, other disaster assistance facilities, and FEMA/State venues
  • Media Team - provides media development and support for the Community Education Team, the Public Outreach Team, and other FEMA/State entities.
  • Public Outreach Team - provides information on hazard mitigation techniques and measures in public venues, home improvement stores, state fairs, and building industry events.

Mitigation has proven to be a value to society because mitigation works, mitigation promotes sound development, mitigation speeds recovery, mitigation creates safer communities and mitigation saves money.


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