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The Lessons Learned Information Sharing (LLIS) program promotes preparedness by identifying lessons learned and innovative practices, analyzing recurring trends, and sharing knowledge with the whole community.

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LLIS.gov Consolidation Information

This spring the LLIS program will make a significant change. The LLIS.gov website will cease independent operations and consolidate its content with the Naval Postgraduate School’s Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL.org) and FEMA.gov. One of the advantages of this move is that LLIS.gov content, such as lessons learned, innovative practices, after-action reports, plans, templates, guides, and other materials, will be consolidated with an already substantial database on HSDL.org. This will allow the homeland security and emergency management communities to find relevant information in one place. FEMA’s LLIS program will continue to produce trend analyses, case studies on the use of FEMA preparedness grants, webinars, and other documents relevant to emergency managers. These products will be available either on this site or HSDL.org.

For additional information on this consolidation, check out the LLIS Question and Answer document.

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LLIS-Authored Content Documents

The LLIS team analyzes data from exercises and real-world events to identify trends and patterns relevant to the emergency management communities. These documents can be found here.

Case studies demonstrate how states and urban areas across the country use Federal homeland security grants to improve preparedness. These documents can be found here.

The LLIS team hosts webinars on various topics related to emergency management.  Webinars can be found here.

The LLIS team produces lessons learned and innovative practices from the whole community. These documents can be found on HSDL.org.


LLIS Document Collection

Check out all LLIS documents posted to FEMA.gov.


Program Updates

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