Journey of a Job Application

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Look inside FEMA’s Hiring Process to learn what goes on and who is involved. Once you submit a job application, you probably wonder what happens next. Does a real person look at it? Who are they? Discover the journey of a job application from its submission to the start of work at FEMA.

Who is involved in the Hiring Process?

There are three types of FEMA employees involved in the hiring process:

  1. Human Resources Specialist – Reviews resumes and conducts qualifications reviews; refers best candidates to Hiring Manager; makes tentative job offers based on the Hiring Manager’s selection.
  2. Hiring Manager – Understands the job responsibilities; reviews best candidates’ applications; checks candidates’ references; interviews candidates if applicable*; and makes hiring decision.
  3. Security Staff –Conducts background and security investigations after Hiring Manager selects a candidate for a position.

*Some positions require interviews; others hire candidates based on submitted application materials.

The below infographic explains what happens behind-the-scenes after you’ve submitted your application. For a text version of the infographic, visit our document library.

 Journey of a Job Application

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