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Fantastic and an excellent way to interact and gai...

Fantastic and an excellent way to interact and gain input from everyone! Bill and I are citizen advocates trying to help spread the word about disaster prep and first aid with our collaborative programs .. but, as you are very well aware, there is a resistance / aversion to this topic. Plus funding is very tight so groups are vying for the same grants or donations in communities so we help combine funding resources from public and private sectors to keep everyone's bookkeeping records clean .. and customize the data so everyone gets accolades.<br /><br />And Tamra's right - it's so frustrating to see the negative comments about this topic. Also, if anyone preps too much they're considered whackos or hoarders .. yet they are the ones who won't put additional strain on local First Responders since they are self-sufficient. They should be commended for taking personal responsibility and being prepared! But they also don't want attention since that puts a big bulls-eye on them if a disaster does strike their area so most stay quiet.<br /><br />One of the biggest hurdles is getting the "I'll just call 911" crowd to take those initial steps to prepare and learn how to incorporate that "prepper" mindset into everyday living .. and one good way to encourage it is thru schools and kids (which is why we also have a school / youth group fundraiser).<br /><br />It's a tough sell but we appreciate your efforts Administrator Fugate in reaching out to the peeps thru social networking .. and just know there are many groups and companies like ours that are doing all we can to help prepare the nation too. :) j & B
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