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Nancy, This is a very important issue in FEMA Reg...

Nancy,<br /><br />This is a very important issue in FEMA Region X. NAPSG just completed the first inter-disciplinary (Fire, Law enforcement, Emergency management, EMS, public health, etc.) Public Safety GIS Workshop in SoCal on December 1. The focus of the workshop - Information Sharing across jurisdictions and across domains. It was a great success. But most importantly, the workshop was lead by local public safety agencies from Southern California who came together because they realize how fundamental effective geosptially-enabled information sharing is for the region. <br />CalEMA is a part of our SoCal regional leadership team. Engaging with Diane Vaughan and Kris Higgs at CalEMA regarding the plan and how you can most effectively tie-in GIS capabilities is critical. I also suggest you engage a group of local responders from all disciplines to ensure that the information sharing plans and projects underway support the CATPLAN - i.e. make sure that they consider this in developing the Minimal Essential Data Sets for the state, locals commit to managing updated and accurate relevant data sets for their jurisdiction, and that mobile/tactical response GIS capabilities at the local level support the CATPLAN.<br /><br />Thank you again for sharing this post - its a critical issue and we would like to be sure we highlight it at the 2011 NAPSG SoCal Public Safety GIS Workshop.<br />Rebecca Harned<br />NAPSG Foundation<br />www.napsgfoundation.org
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