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Social media tools do indeed help in emergency sit...

Social media tools do indeed help in emergency situations. While I suggest calling 911 first if you can get a signal on your phone, remembering that social networks can help too should always been in your mind. <br /><br />I had a bike accident in the woods in July 2010. In short, I crashed and needed help. I couldn't get a signal strong enough on my smartphone to make a phone call, but I could get an internet connection and I tweeted for help. Result? I was rescued. <br /><br />See my story.<br /><br />http://www.leighfazzina.com/2010/12/16/making-twitters-top-10-2010-tweets/<br /><br />Its great you're talking with tech leaders and its even more great that this issue is being elevated so more and more people can understand the technology and how it can aid in disasters and emergencies.
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