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Two Documents for FEMA’s Future

Over the past year the agency has undertaken efforts to consider its foundations and to think strategically about the outcomes it will achieve over the next few years. This self-examination has resulted in the creation of two guiding documents: FEMA Publication 1 (Pub 1) and the 2011 – 2014 Strategic Plan.
Pub 1 outlines the agency’s principles and culture while describing its history, mission, purpose, and philosophy. Pub 1 also serves as the operational link to, and provides the context for, the implementation of the new strategic plan for the agency.
The strategic plan will serve as a guiding document for the agency as it looks to the future of emergency management. The strategic plan includes four initiatives to build the capabilities of FEMA as an organization and the emergency management team as a whole. These initiatives are:
  • Fostering partnerships and engaging the entire community in the practice of emergency management;
  • Establishing priorities to stabilize communities after a catastrophic event and contribute to a full recovery;
  • Building a shared understanding of risk among our partners; and
  • Enhancing the agency’s ability to learn and innovate.
These documents will have a significant impact on setting a direction for the future of the agency, and I’m excited about our direction. More information about the Strategic Plan or Pub 1 is available online at www.fema.gov/about/strategicplan2011-2014.

- David

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