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Yeah, the taxpayers may be paying this person, but...

Yeah, the taxpayers may be paying this person, but it actually wasn't sanctioned by the CDC to start with...<br /><br />BUT, the actual purpose of this message from the CDC did work. <br /><br />1 - it actually got people onto the CDC website, and had them research different topics. I believe the day this posted, they actually hit record numbers on their website. Sure, it may have been a joke to start with, but hopefully someone actually learned something about a real subject.<br /><br />2 - Did you notice, that when it was telling to do research, it was also mentioning things along the lines as "You can also implement this plan if there is a flood, earthquake, or other emergency." Sure, Zombies may never actually attack.... But, some people may believe they will someday... and telling those "believers" to prepare, will actually make them better prepared for real emergencies.<br /><br />Therefore... kudos to the author of this article.