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Irene Update 12: Administrator Fugate Offers Tips to Getting Prepared

We’re continuing to closely monitor Hurricane Irene as it threatens much of the East Coast, from Florida to Maine. While it’s too soon to tell exactly where Irene will make landfall or have the most significant impacts, Administrator Fugate has an update on the ways you can get prepared:

  • Know if you’re in an evacuation zone, and what your plan is to evacuate if local officials give the order.
  • If you’re not in an evacuation zone, be prepared for potential flooding and power outages. Make sure your emergency kit has supplies to sustain you, your family, and your pets for at least 72 hours.
  • Go to Ready.gov for information on building your emergency kit, making your family emergency plan, and staying informed. If you’re on the go, visit m.fema.gov for tips on preparing for a hurricane or tropical storm.
  • Visit hurricanes.gov for the latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center. And for the forecast for your local community, visit the National Weather Service website at weather.gov.

For the latest on our role, visit the Severe Tropical Weather category on our blog.

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06/19/2012 - 10:21
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