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Emergencies and their management are opposite ends...

Emergencies and their management are opposite ends of the yardstick. The incident is called an “emergency” because the circumstances of the incident are new. If this incident has happened exactly with the same circumstances at some prior time; the actions necessary are exactly know. <br />What we are attempting is putting together a methodology of handling an incident that we have no previous experience. Whether we call it a “planned” or “unplanned” incident; we have specific experience or not. If not then the incident is truly an emergency. How do you manage something that you have no knowledge of the circumstances or their outcome? Attempting to generate a plan to handle the emergency incident has to have so many diverging paths that to be understandable would be close to impossible. So what can be done?<br />Develop a plan that will follow the ICS structures, ignore details of the incident, and prepare people to understand the structures. Follow the structures and allow the incident to evolve, be flexible in responding, and keep reviewing the actions that they are inside the parameters of the ICS.<br />Teach the ICS structure!
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