J-3: How to provide relevant and helpful support documentation

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If you have identified other Federal, state, or local laws and regulations that have compliance requirements for your project, you should check the box in Section J-1 “yes” and in the comments area, document each requirement, the compliance action that will need to be taken and the cost associated with the action. Also be sure to include the actions in the scope of work section and a line item for the associated costs in the cost estimate.

If you have identified that there are controversial issues associated with your project, check the box in Section J-2 “yes: and carefully document the nature of the issue in the comments section. Also document the actions you have taken to assess the level of controversy and any action that will be required to mitigate the controversy.

If you have had public involvement in association with your proposed project, whether it was a requirement for another environmental or historic preservation compliance activity, a means to assess public controversy, or as part of the planning process for your community, check the box for Section J-3 “yes.” In the comments section, document the details of your public involvements efforts. Indicate when public meetings occurred, who was present, and what the general consensus of the meeting was. If available, include the agenda, attendees, and official meeting minutes in your application as an attachment. Include any official correspondence that municipal, county, or state representatives provided. Indicate if you initiated public involvement or notice to determine if there were controversial issues associated or in response to a regulatory requirement as discussed in Section J-2. Provide copies of the responses or, at a minimum, a synopsis of how many people responded and the general attitude of the responses.

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