It's National Preparedness Month! Be a Hero: Preparing Means Caring!

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FEMA Preparedness table in Missouri public library 2012During National Preparedness Month last year in Overland Park, Kan.-- Gracia O'Brien, left, and Diego Juarez, color Flat Stanley and Flat Stella coloring pages and learn about disaster preparedness during the Hispanic Festival at Johnson County's Public Library on the first day of National Preparedness Month.
Special for NPM 2013--from Region VII Administrator Beth Freeman's desk "Beth's Preparedness Pen"--weekly messages to encourage every individual, family and organization to take the time to get ready for disasters.



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Local and National NPM Events

Find or register a local NPM event with the National Preparedness Community

Regional Calendar

Sept. 5, 2013, 10:00 a.m.--NPM/America's PrepareAThon! Kickoff
A live Twitter chat sponsored by FEMA's new PrepareAthon Twitter page from 9:15 a.m. using #PrepareAthon.

Sept. 9, 2013, 12:00 a.m.--Kansas State Fair - Preparedness Day
FEMA staff will support the Kansas Division of Emergency Management for preparedness day at the Kansas State Fair, providing outreach information and materials.

Sept. 17 and Sept. 24, 2013: Kansas Division of Emergency Management presents two webinars about disaster preparedness. One discussing pet preparedness (9/17); the other about "Family Preparedness Food Storage." Learn more at the KDEM website.

Sept. 24 2013, at 12 noon CDT: Join us on Twitter, using hashtag #ALLReadyChat, for a LIVE chat about disaster preparedness for everyone, including older Americans, people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs. Anyone with Internet access will be able to follow the conversation and submit questions (see below).

Sept. 28, 2013, at 8:00 a.m. CDT: Liberty Prepares! at Liberty Fall Festival
FEMA will staff a table at the annual Liberty Prepares! event during the fall festival in Liberty MO.

Sept. 30, 2013: at 11:00 a.m. CDT-- Join students, faculty and community partners of Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS along with FEMA Region VII for a campus-wide event designed to move students from talking about preparedness to actively and collectively preparing for disasters.


NPM Weekly Themes

WEEK 1 (Sept. 1-7): The Whole Community Approach

Every individual is an emergency manager. During emergency situations help may take minutes, hours or days to arrive. For this reason, each person must embrace their part in caring for themselves, their family, their neighbors and possibly their community. They may be called on to be a hero at any time, so getting prepared for disasters is smart and will provide the resources necessary, should the need arise.

People’s life situations differ and so does their access to resources. We’re calling on individuals, families and communities to come together to identify strengths and create plans on how to take care of one another, beginning with personal disaster readiness.

Products and outreach: News release September 1 Marks the Start of National Preparedness Month; Citizen’s invited to ‘Be A Hero’ All Year Long and daily tweets from

WEEK 2 (Sept. 8-14): What does it take to be a hero?

Heroes are ordinary people who are ready to handle the unexpected. Today could be the day before you’re called on by a friend, family member or a complete stranger to assist them during a disaster—even save their life. In seconds you will make a decision to do something—but what will you do, you wonder? All the strength and courage in the world may not be enough unless you have learned and practiced the skills you will use.

Before this defining moment, spend some time taking free online courses from FEMA, get involved with your local Community Emergency Response Team, take a course from the American Red Cross, buy flood insurance or spend some time preparing and planning with tips on

WEEK 3 (Sept. 15-21): Heroes help others.

We’ve all heard the stories about unexpected and unsung heroes. Whether you save someone from a burning building, from floodwaters, or you simply help a neighbor purchase items for an emergency supply kit, you are a hero.

There are those amongst us—living beside us, or who pass us and smile on the street—who, when faced with an emergency situation, may need first responders to help them first. When you prepare for disasters you increase your own chances for survival, but you also decrease the chances you’ll need to call for help from first responders during a crisis. This makes you an unsung hero to those who will need assistance quickly, and will get it.

Tips on Twitter: In anticipation of the Week 4 LIVE chat, join us all week for preparedness tips using #ALLReadyChat for people with disabilities and individuals with access and functional needs, including those with temporary injuries. You don’t need to have an account with twitter. Simply go to #ALLReadyChat ( to follow the conversation. You will need to be a member to tweet questions, but non-Twitter users may submit their questions to

WEEK 4 (Sept 22-30):  Being a hero begins at home!

Before you help someone else, you need to be prepared. Every first responder knows the best hero is one who lives and even thrives after a crisis. It’s time to put your house in order, literally! Make that emergency supply kit. Create a family communication plan so you can locate one another during or after a disaster. Review your insurance and be sure you know what is and isn’t going to be covered—have the tough discussions and make good choices. This way, even if you’re helping others during a crisis, you’ve helped protect your future.

LIVE SOCIAL MEDIA EVENT: Tuesday Sept. 24 at 12 noon CDT--Join us for a half-hour LIVE interactive Twitter chat from the account, using hashtag #ALLReadyChat ( We’re going to talk about disaster preparedness for everyone, including older Americans, people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs (which includes information for people whose circumstances may be temporary—for example they’re recovering from surgery, or those who have difficulty moving around for any reason). This event will be the first live Twitter chat our regional office has hosted and we’re excited to engage with all those we serve—so your organization is encouraged to join the conversation before, during and after Sept. 24th.  

FEMA REGION VII/K-STATE FIRST-EVER PARTNERSHIP EVENT:Monday Sept. 30--Join students, faculty and community partners of Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS along with FEMA Region VII for a campus-wide event designed to move students from talking about preparedness to actively and collectively preparing for disasters. ReadyCampus will go beyond outdoor booths and disaster information hand-outs as it capitalizes on social media’s active use on university campuses through a Scavenger e-Challenge. Similar to a traditional scavenger hunt, the Scavenger e-Challenge will require teams to locate and identify emergency preparedness resources from around the campus, the community, as well as their own homes. Participating teams will demonstrate their completion or location of various scavenger hunt items by submitting their entries electronically through Twitter. Winners of the Scavenger e-Challenge will be recognized as K-State’s “Most Prepared,”receiving various preparedness prizes as a bonus. Members of the media are encouraged to attend and broadcast this exciting event. Look for more information regarding ReadyCampus in the weeks to come.

FEMA websites with NPM information

PrepareAthon just launched a new community-based campaign for action in early September.

Learn about the National Flood Insurance Program because most homeowners’ and renters’ policies don’t cover flood damage.

Prepare your home, family and business for the risks in your area with tips from

FEMA’s blog will share NPM highlights from across the nation.

Engage with us on Twitter

In addition to events, there are plenty of fun engaging activities and discussion going on online too.

NPM Resources On Twitter

Even if you don't have a Twitter account, follow the conversations about NPM using hashtag #NATLPREP

Region VII


Iowa Homeland Security Emergency Managment
On Sept. 3, Iowa's Governor Branstad declared September "Preparedness Month" in the state. Check out their “Let’s tackle preparedness” readiness campaign this month for more information and great preparedness info, including PSAs and videos.

Kansas Division of Emergency Management
On Aug. 29 Governor Brownback designated September as "Kansas Preparedness Month." Check out the Kansas Preparednes Challenge.

State Emergency Management Agency (Missouri Department of Public Safety)

Nebraska Emergency Management Agency


Other Preparedness websites

The first-ever national Great Shakeout earthquake drill is coming Oct. 17! Register today to participate in the drill with millions of other Americans.

Media Resources

Use's NPM Toolkit (equipped with logos, banners, posters and more) to help promote preparedness activities.

News releases on the weekly themes will be released each Monday during September.

WEEK 1: September 1 Marks the Start of National Preparedness Month; Citizens invited to 'Be a Hero' All Year Long

WEEK 2: Heroes Aware are Heroes Who Care: Preparing the ‘Whole Community’ for disasters means ensuring everyone has a seat at the table

WEEK 3: Region VII to host LIVE Twitter Chat with the Public, Businesses and Partner Organizations About Disaster Preparedness

Media inquiries should be directed to the Region VII news desk at 816-283-7587.



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