Reminder: Mandatory Records Management Training

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All FEMA employees are required to complete four Records Management training courses (required per Title 44 U.S.C. § 3102(2), 36 CFR §1220.34 (f), OMB Circular No.A-130 8a (f), and DHS Management Directive 141-01) available on the FEMA Employee Knowledge Center by Dec. 31, 2013:

  • Basic Records Management (FEKC Course: DHS Basic Records Management)
  • Electronic Records Management (FEKC Course: C13719)
  • DHS Department-wide File Plan (FEKC Course: C13716)
  • Vital Records Guidance (FEKC Course: C13714)

New employees must complete the Basic Records Management and Electronic Records Management within 120 days and the DHS Department-wide File Plan and Vital Records Guidance within one year after their date of entry. Upon completion of all the Records Management training cited above, in calendar year 2014 and thereafter, each FEMA employee is required to complete one of four courses. 

Please ensure you complete the correct course. If you are unsure, please contact the Records Help Desk at 202-646-3522 or

To receive credit for taking the courses: After reviewing the course, go to your FEKC Transcript and confirm the Progress Status has changed to Complete. Please ensure you properly document your training with your Records Liaison Officer or Records Custodian. 

Remember those who completed the Records Management training courses prior to this notification, will receive credit for meeting this year’s training requirements.


If you have forgotten your FEKC Login ID and/or Password please use the Help links at the bottom of the FEKC login page. For other Records Management training related questions, please contact:

The Records Management Branch at 202-646-3522 or

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