No New Travel Authorizations or Vouchers Via After Nov. 4

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FEMA's Office of the Chief Financial Officer issued CFO Bulletin #158, FEMA Transitions Travel System from to Concur Government Edition (CGE) on Oct. 31, 2013. This CFOB details the full transition from to CGE.  After Nov. 11, 2013, FEMA personnel will no longer be able to access  All travel authorizations and vouchers submitted through must be approved and processed by Nov. 7, 2013.  To meet this requirement, no new travel authorizations or vouchers should be submitted in after today, November 4, 2013.  For detailed information, please review CFOB #158.  You may access CFOB#158 on:

For more information about using CGE please visit the FEMA Travel Toolbox located at


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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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