Employees participate in the development of the next FEMA Strategic Plan

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The strategic planning team invited employees to participate in the Tues., Dec. 17, webinar on the development of the agency’s 2014-2018 Strategic Plan, which is designed to outline the key operating priorities for the agency.

The plan provides a forum to discuss the crosscutting issues that will build the nation’s ability to manage catastrophic disasters, create a more agile FEMA, and foster an environment for learning and innovation.

Each of the Administrator’s five priorities from the FY 2015-2019 Administrator's Intent document has been assigned to a “Priority Champion.” Each FEMA employee is invited to play a meaningful role in the effort.

The Priority Champions will return to present updated material at Internal Collaboration Meetings in January and February. The final document is expected to be released publically in late April. 

For more information about how you can help in the development of the strategic plan, see this video of Tim Baden, director of strategic planning and analysis division, as he explains the importance of employee participation. In addition, you can contact the strategic planning team at strategic-planning@fema.dhs.gov with questions about the development of the plan.

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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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