2014 Transit Benefit Statutory Limit Set at $130/month

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Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Questions?  Email: FEMA-TransitSubsidy@fema.gov  


For awareness and to allow our customers advance notification, the Transit Benefit statutory limit of $245 is due to expire December 31, 2013. Participants will receive no more than $130 in December 2013 automatic uploads for the January 2014 transit allotment. If Congress extends the statutory limit beyond $130,  participants should be eligible to receive the difference as determined by their most recent approved application.


National Capital Region(NCR):  

  • WMATA Commuters: Employees who ride Metrorail, Metro bus, or any of the regional operators, will automatically be adjusted to reflect the change to transit benefits.
  • Employees using third party service providers such as vanpools, Commuter Direct (MARC/VRE), or MTA Commuter Bus (Dillon/Keller), will automatically have benefits adjusted to $130.00 toward the purchase of January 2014 fare cards.


  • Employees receiving benefits by electronic debit card or quarterly transit checks will automatically be adjusted to $130.00 per month. Employees will be responsible for supplementing additional funds to cover their monthly commute expenses.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates. If there are additional questions, please contact FEMA-TransitSubsidy@fema.gov.

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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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