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Hurricane Ivan Surge Inundation Maps: Santa Rosa County, Florida

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This page presents Hurricane Ivan surge maps for Santa Rosa County, Florida.

To open an Ivan surge map, click on a numbered map panel below. These files range in size from 2 KB to 2.2 MB. For explanation of the features shown on the Ivan maps, please read the "Notes to Users" (PDF, 3 KB | TXT, 1 KB) A map of the county, showing the Ivan map locations, the current FEMA flood map panel locations, and surge elevation contours, can be found in the file, "Hurricane Ivan Surge Inundation Map with Effective FIRM Index – Santa Rosa County" (PDF 1.2 MB).

Hurricane Ivan Maps are for advisory purposes only; they do not supersede effective Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs). The Ivan data presented are preliminary and subject to update as additional data become available.

Surge Inundation Map of Santa Rosa County, Florida

M32 M33 M34
L26 L27 L28 L29 L33 L34
K26 K27 K28 K29 K30 K31 K32 K33 K34
J29 J30 J31 J32 J33 J34
I30 I31 I32 I33 I34 I35
H30 H31 H35 H36 H37 H38
G33 G34 G35 G36 G37 G38 G39 G40
F27 F29 F30 F31 F32 F33 F34 F35 F36 F37 F38 F39 F40
E27 E28 E29 E30 E31

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