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It is now circulating pretty fiercely that fallout...

It is now circulating pretty fiercely that fallout is expected to hit the US west coast and Canada within...days? A day? <br />Obviously anyone with clear cut predictions can't be relied on, but God help us, why is there not even a fraction of the urgency as there was with the Y2K hubbub? <br />I am so sorry Japan. I am so very sickened and sorry for the loss, horror and agony. I am also afraid for my two-year-old daughter, my wife and teenage son. <br />Why is there nothing on this site that is more forthright and clear, so that we don't have to regret later what could have been dealt with in the_Possible_Event_of_an_Emergency?<br />Water, food, potassium iodide, what else? Get out of California?