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People complain about the plan for FEMA to be able...

People complain about the plan for FEMA to be able to blast out to cell phones which is the best way to get more people who are not in front of a TV or listening to a radio. <br /><br />If you're online and FEMA has the ability to override security settings to display a message on your computer, people will complain about that as well. <br /><br />If you're not in the house and there is an alert, how do you want to be notified? I prefer the cell phone option and even wouldn't mind an **optional** setting to allow emergency alerts to bypass my settings on my computer in the event of a disaster. The problem is, too many people have this fear that the government is spying on them and will call anything beyond TV and radio broadcasts an invasion of privacy. Until those people realize that the government doesn't care what you're doing unless it's illegal, this is the best path.
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