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Honoring Our Veterans


Today, our Nation pays tribute to the millions of military veterans who have served the United States as members of our Armed Forces.  We honor the courage, sacrifice, and dedication you exhibited in protecting our country.

To veterans here at FEMA, although many of you are no longer wearing a military uniform, you have elected to continue to serve your country by joining the FEMA team – and we thank you for bringing your skills, talents, and experiences to contribute to the success of our mission year round, and especially during our current response to Hurricane Sandy. 

And as part of that response, veterans from across DHS have also played an integral role as part of our larger FEMA team, making up the DHS Surge Capacity Force, who have been trained and deployed to New York and New Jersey serving in community relations and individual assistance roles.

I also want to thank all veterans and the many members of the FEMA family who continue to serve in the National Guard and Reserves and salute the many active duty service members and veterans in our partner agencies in federal, state, local and tribal organizations that share our emergency management goals.

On this day, please join me in thanking our veterans for all that they have done — and all they continue to do — to protect our country and to help keep America safe.

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11/11/2012 - 18:54
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