Role of HAZUS in Catastrophic Earthquake Planning

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The Role of Hazus in Catastrophic Earthquake Planning was among the topics that were explored at a Workshop on Strategic Directions for Seismic Risk Modeling and Decision Support, sponsored by the Mid-America Earthquake Center (MAE).

A paper was prepared and presented by a team from PBS&J in coordination with FEMA that highlights the potential role of Hazus-MH to support catastrophic earthquake, with emphasis on planning for a New Madrid scenario. Among the key findings of the paper:

  • The Nationwide Plan Review: Phase 2 Report (DHS, June 16, 2006) identifies several key gaps in our nation’s catastrophic planning process. The paper highlights the role of Hazus-MH in addressing several shortfalls.
  • Key to using Hazus-MH to support catastrophic planning is the ability to fully integrate the technology and Hazus-MH team into the Planning and Command sections under the National Incident Management System.
  • Hazus-MH can play an important role in planning for a catastrophic earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, including refinement of planning assumptions, scenario development, and loss estimates for key Emergency Support Functions (ESFs).
  • Catastrophic planning can serve as a platform for the development and testing of a web-based data management portal system that would:
    1. Identify, prioritize and incorporate new datasets;
    2. Lead to the creation of a data management system that would enable users to place default and Level 2 inventory data in existing web-based portals for designated users; and
    3. Enable users to download and distribute pre-built study regions to federal, state and local governments to expedite post-earthquake analyses.
  • Mitigation should be incorporated into the catastrophic planning process, including analyses of losses avoided to essential facilities through mitigation, and assessments of increases in response and recovery capacities as a result of targeted mitigation measures.

The paper is available for download below as a Microsoft Word document.

  • Strategic Directions in Seismic Modeling: HAZUS Development and Current Applications for Catastrophic Planning (DOC 1.9MB)
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