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These are tools developed specifically for the use with the Hazus-MH Model software.

  • Comprehensive Data Management System (CDMS) Tool
    As a complementary tool to Hazus-MH MR3, the CDMS provides users with the capability to update and manage statewide datasets, which are curretnly used to support analysis in the Hazus-MH. The CDMS functions as a single user or shared desktop application.

  • Inventory Collection Survey Tool (InCAST)
    InCAST is a software application to facilitate the collection of building-specific data for Hazus, FEMA's multihazard loss estimation program. The InCAST User's Manual provides guidance and background information to enable the user to effectively operate InCAST.

  • Flood Information Tool (FIT)
    The Flood Information Tool (FIT), released in 2002, was designed to process and convert locally available flood information to data that can be used by the Hazus Flood Module. The FIT User's Manual provides guidance to users for installing and using the tool effectively within to manipulate flood data into the format required by the Hazus flood model.

FEMA continues to develop special tools that help the Hazus-MH user to process data, produce risk assessments and other applications. Two useful tools are the Risk Assessment Tool (RAT) and Flood Macro Wizard (Flood Wizard).

  • Risk Assessment Tool
    The Risk Assessment Tool (RAT) was developed as a companion software tool to help users produce their risk assessment outputs for earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes.

  • Flood Macro Wizard
    The Flood Macro Wizard (Flood Wizard) facilitates the preparation of flood risk assessments. The Flood Wizard allows users to automatically process flood data to evaluate exposure and develop loss estimates for the inventory in a study region.

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