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The Flood Information Tool (FIT), released in 2002, was designed to process and convert locally available flood information to data that can be used by the Hazus Flood Module. The FIT is a system of instructions, tutorials, and geographic information system analysis scripts. When given user-supplied inputs (e.g., topographic data, a digital elevation model (DEM), ground elevations, flood elevations, floodplain boundary information, Q3 data, Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) data, and Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) data), the FIT will calculate flood depth and elevation for riverine and coastal flood hazards. The FIT is intended to help users perform Level 2 or Level 3 flood hazard analyses.

The FIT is run from Hazus-Multi Hazard (Hazus-MH) or ArcGIS. It is not a stand alone program. The FIT is an ArcGIS extension that can not be installed from the Hazus-MH wizard. FIT must be installed using the Flood Information Tool installer.

For more information about using the FIT tool, refer to the Flood Information Tool User's Manual.


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