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FEMA's Methodology for Estimating Potential Losses from Disasters

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Application Resources

Hazus is being used by states and communities in support of risk assessments, mitigation planning, and rapid needs assessments during hurricane response.

More information on Hazus applications can be found in the FEMA Library.

Hazus Inventory: Potential Applications

In order to assess and mitigate the impacts of a natural hazard such as an earthquake, flood or hurricane, it is necessary to have an understanding of the potential size of an event (hazard identification) and the characteristics of the population and environment that will be impacted (inventory collection). Read about new potential inventory applications.

Comprehensive Data Management System (CDMS)

FEMA's CDMS tool provides users with the capability to update and manage the statewide datasets which are currently used to support analysis in Hazus. It is included with the Hazus-MH 2.0 software.

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