The Roles of the Local Community, State and FEMA In the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

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All levels of Government each have an important, but different, role within the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). 

Community Subapplicant/Subgrantee's Role

  • Submit individual project subapplications to the state (if the proposed measure is selected as an approved project, the subapplicant becomes a subgrantee).
  • Coordinate with participating homeowners and businesses who will benefit from the grant to develop the subapplication, and subsequently oversee distribution of grant funds to subrecipients or contractors.
  • Manage implementation of the approved project
  • Comply with all HMGP requirements and applicable Federal, State and local laws and standards, including compliance with National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Account for the appropriate use of grants to the State Grantee.
  • Maintain records on the program and projects as required by law.

State/Grantee's Role

  • Manage the overall program within the state.
  • Ensure that the FEMA Regional Administrator has approved the State Hazard Mitigation Plan and the state's administrative plan for implementing HMGP.
  • Establish funding priorities, and select projects for funding based on those priorities.
  • Solicit program interest and help potential subapplicants develop complete subapplications.
  • Establish deadlines for subapplications.
  • Provide subapplicants with technical assistance (mitigation techniques and/or HMGP policy).
  • Forward selected projects to FEMA for final eligibility review.
  • Act as grantee, receiving funds from FEMA and disbursing them to successful subapplicants.
  • Ensure that subapplicants and subgrantees adhere to all program and administrative requirements.
  • Perform Grantee responsibilities of monitoring the progress of projects and submitting quarterly reports to FEMA indicating the status and completion date for each approved project.

FEMA's Role

  • Oversee and manage HMGP.
  • Establish minimum criteria for project eligibility.
  • Keep the state apprised of the anticipated amount of available funding.
  • Assist the state in setting priorities for the use of HMGP funds in the aftermath of a disaster.
  • Review projects selected and submitted by the state for eligibility.
  • Prepare the environmental decision document based on information submitted by the subapplicant.
  • Provide technical assistance to states, subapplicants, and subgrantees in order to ensure effective and efficient implementation of the program.
  • Review state's quarterly reports and follow up on issues as necessary.
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