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Eligible subgrant applicants include:

  • Local governments

  • Federally-recognized Indian Tribal governements that choose to apply to their States

  • State-recognized Indial Tribes

  • Authoirzed Indian Tribal organizations

  • Alaska Native villages

In the application process, eligible subgrant applicants may submit mitigation planning and/or project subgrant application(s) to their State/Tribe/territory for review and consideration for inclusion in a grant application to FEMA. Some States/Tribes/territories require submittal of a project pre-application.

If a subgrant applicant does not use the eGrants system to submit subgrant applications, then the State/Tribe/territory must enter them into eGrants on the subgrant applicant's behalf. Using a blank application ensures that all of the necessary information is provided to the grant applicant for input into the eGrants External System.  Click this link to access the Blank Subgrant Applications/Pre-Application.

Subgrant applicants should consult the State Hazard Mitigation Officer (SHMO) in their State/Tribe/territory for more information regarding the application process.

Resources and Training

Select each of the links below to learn more about training and resources for subgrant applicants

Click this link to access eGrants Resources for Subgrant Applicants.

Click this link to acess eGrants Training for Subgrant Applicants.

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