Building a Disaster-Resistant University

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In the last decade, disasters have affected university and college campuses with high frequency. They sometimes cause death and injury and always impose monetary losses and disruption of the institution's teaching, research and public service. Damage to buildings and infrastructure and interruption to the institutional mission result in significant losses that can be measured by faculty and student departures, decreases in research funding, and increases in insurance premiums. These losses can be substantially reduced or eliminated through comprehensive pre-disaster planning and mitigation actions.

“Building A Disaster-Resistant University” is both a how-to guide and a distillation of the experiences of six universities and colleges that have been working to become more disaster-resistant. This guide provides basic information designed for institutions just getting started, as well as concrete ideas, suggestions, and practical experiences for institutions that have already begun to take steps to becoming more disaster-resistant.

Download a copy of FEMA 443 Building a Disaster-Resistant University from the FEMA Library.


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