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National preparedness is a shared responsibility. With that in mind, FEMA and its partners are hosting several ways for everyone to get involved.

Some opportunities are intended for broad participation on all areas of preparedness, while others are focused toward specific parts of preparedness or to specific audiences. All efforts involve a two-way exchange to share information and solicit ideas, comments and real world examples. 

Share Ideas on Our Online Collaboration Site

Through this open online tool,, FEMA posts topics for public discussion. You can post your insight and ideas, and vote and comment on other people's ideas. The collaboration site is open 24/7 and can accommodate an unlimited number of participants nationwide. 

E-Mail Us

Ideas, questions and other feedback are always welcome via e-mail. Contact

Join our Virtual Roundtables and In-Person Events

These events provide members of the whole community with information as we develop national preparedness initiatives and an opportunity to provide input directly to those responsible for implementing national preparedness policy. Agenda items vary, depending on what the teams are developing at the moment.

Upcoming Events

None scheduled at this time.

Review the Draft Documents

Before draft documents are submitted to the White House for final release, they are posted online for public ideas and suggestions.  People can download the draft documents along with feedback submission forms. Every comment is reviewed during the draft revision comment.  Check the News Updates and Announcements page to find out when drafts are available for review. 


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