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This section discusses the steps a business or organization will need to take to certify to one or more of the standards under the PS-Prep Program.  Hyperlinks to certifying bodies, audit organizations conducting conformity assessments are also provided.

Independent and objective evaluation through third-party certification offers validation of that fact. Certification endorses an association with a reputable brand, facilitates organizational recognition by stakeholder, and makes regular audits of preparedness a priority. This process develops disaster awareness within and outside an organization, thereby fostering a heightened sense of security and distinguishing one from competitors. Here are some considerations before pursuing certification:

  1. Initial Review
    • Define the scope of voluntary certification.
    • Determine which preparedness standard is most appropriate for your organization.
    • Forecast the allocation of internal resources required.
    • Seek executive sponsorship.
    • Organize an internal working team of experts.
  2. Internal Analysis
    • Cross-reference your chosen preparedness standard with internal programs, policies, best practices and existing regulations that will be relevant to certification. Gather supporting documentation.
    • Complete a self-assessment with your internal working team of experts.
    • Brief the executive sponsor on the results of the self-assessment.
    • Develop a project plan and timeline to close any gaps discovered through self-assessment, bringing your entity closer to compliance with the chosen standard.
  3. Certification
    • Research, interview and select accredited third-party certifiers.
    • Review your scope, selection of preparedness standard and process of self-assessment with the certifier.

Once your organization is certified, there will be a periodic reassessment to maintain emergency preparedness and continuity systems. ANAB manages PS-Prep™ certification and administers the process through independent auditors.

Certification Bodies

ANAB maintains a list of organizations accredited to offer certification for PS-Prep™ standards.

These certification bodies have indicated their intent to become accredited by ANAB to offer certification for PS-Prep™ standards (accessed September 27th 2011):

  • Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc.
  • National Quality Assurance, USA
  • Orion Registrar, Inc. (in application)
  • SRI Quality System Registrar
  • British Standards Institution
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