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FY 2013 National Special Security Event Grant Program

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The National Special Security Event Grant Program plays an important role in providing supplemental Federal assistance to reimburse State and local governments for certain actual costs associated with providing emergency management, public safety, and security during the preparation and conduct of a National Special Security Event.

Fiscal Year 2013 National Special Security Event Grant Program


Total Funding Available in Fiscal Year (FY) 2013: $4,619,706


The Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security designates events of national significance as NSSEs based on factors including, but not limited to: anticipated attendance by U.S. officials and foreign dignitaries; the size of the event; and, the significance of the event. By statute, the United States Secret Service (USSS) is designated as the lead Federal agency for planning, coordinating, and implementing security operations at NSSEs, in accordance with 18 U.S.C. § 3056.  The FY 2013 NSSE Grant Program was developed by FEMA in coordination with USSS.

Eligible Applicants

All 56 states and territories and local governments that host an NSSE that will occur prior to September 30, 2014 are eligible to apply for NSSE Grant Program funds.  Applications shall be for costs that support an event-specific to the Operational Security Plan developed in coordination with the interagency NSSE Executive Steering Committee.

Program Awards

FEMA will review each application and verify compliance with all administrative and eligibility criteria identified in the application kit.  Eligible applications will be reviewed and prioritized based upon the expected loss of un-reimbursed costs and lack of alternate funding sources.  Priority will be given to applicants meeting the following criteria:

Significant Unreimbursed Costs

Applicants demonstrating unreimbursed costs directly related to the provision of security, public safety and emergency management for the designated NSSE. Significant unreimbursed costs are considered to be those costs over and above normal expenditures.

Lack of Alternate Funding Sources

Applicants hosting types of NSSEs which have not in the past received direct Congressional appropriations or event-related presidential declarations.

Funds will only be made available for event-specific costs that directly support the Operational Security Plan approved by the USSS. These costs must be specified in a Budget Detail Worksheet, which must be submitted to and approved by FEMA.

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