FY 2010 Intercity Passenger Rail (Amtrak)

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Total Funding Available in FY 2010:  $20 Million

Purpose:  The purpose of the FY 2010 IPR program is to create a sustainable, risk-based effort to protect critical surface transportation infrastructure and the traveling public from acts of terrorism, major disasters, and other emergencies within the Amtrak rail system.

Eligible Applicants:  Amtrak is the only agency eligible to apply for Intercity Passenger Rail program funds.

Additional Information

  • FY 2010 IPR FAQs (PDF 64KB, TXT 14KB) - Updated May 13, 2010
  • FY 2010 IPR Guidance and Application Kit (PDF 64KB, TXT 14KB)
  • FY 2010 IPR Investment Justification Template (PDF 64KB, TXT 14KB)
  • FY 2010 IPR Sample Budget Detail Worksheet (PDF 64KB, TXT 14KB)
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