Preferred Risk Policies in Force by Month

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This webpage contains current and historical NFIP policy and claims statistics, including information about significant historical NFIP flooding events.

PRP Policies in Force (in hundred-thousands) by Month between September 2013 and August 31, 2014

Month Preferred Risk Policies in Force
Sep-13 1,586,136
Oct-13 1,585,186
Nov-13 1,583,504
Dec-13 1,578,876
Jan-14 1,576,849
Feb-14 1,574,961
Mar-14 1,573,983
Apr-14 1,571,078
May-14 1,565,863
Jun-14 1,556,844
Jul-14 1,547,573
Aug-14 1,572,521

The monthly policy counts include policies written under both the Dwelling and the General Property Form.

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