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FEMA Region IX: Mission Support Division

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Our Goals and Objectives

Graphic that describes the organizational vision and goals included in text.1. Enhance Mission Support workforce capability, agility, and engagement. Our people are the very foundation of all the work we do.  By enhancing the capabilities, agility, and engagement of Mission Support employees, we ensure that we have the right skills, the right tools, and the right motivation to get our work accomplished.

2. Provide outstanding service in partnership with customers and stakeholders. We are in the service business in support of FEMA mission success; however, we cannot deliver high quality services without having a clear understanding of business needs or without working together with customers and stakeholders to create solutions for FEMA’s most pressing issues.  By focusing on partnerships and innovative and continual improvement we will ensure that outstanding service and problem solving are what we become known for delivering every time.

3. Foster an inclusive work environment that drives excellence. The environment in which FEMA employees do their work is extremely important to mission success.  By ensuring that both the physical and IT support infrastructure are sound and responsive to FEMA mission needs, by assuring the safety and security of employees, and by embracing diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace, we can provide a positive and collaborative underpinning to FEMA programs that inspires employee commitment to excellence.

Puerto Rey, Puerto Rico, Sep. 16, 2011 -- FEMA Region IX Mission Support Division Communications Unit Leader sets up the Ground-to-Air Transmit & Receive Antenna for Satellite communications during Hurricane Irene. 4. Enable and promote open and effective communication. Communicating on every level, verbally, electronically and in writing, both internally with our Mission Support team and externally with our customers and stakeholders, is paramount to accomplishing our mission.   By focusing on our interactions and relationships, exchanging reliable and relevant ideas and information in clear and concise ways, and increasing transparency and timeliness, we will foster trust, engage in dialog, and build collaboration opportunities in ways that better support FEMA mission accomplishment.

5. Prepare for the future with a strategic focus. A prominent civil rights leader once said, "…tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”  This is particularly true for the Mission Support community now.  The environment in which FEMA will operate in the future is changing more rapidly than ever and is requiring us to continually examine how we prepare to support this evolving landscape.  If we can anticipate the needs of the future FEMA, we can proactively develop solutions to tomorrow’s problems today rather than simply be reactive when those issues become reality.

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