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Amendment No. 5

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Date of Notice: 
miércoles, 6 julio, 2011

Billing Code 9111-23-P


Federal Emergency Management Agency

[Internal Agency Docket No. FEMA-1972-DR]

Docket ID FEMA-2011-0001

Mississippi; Amendment No. 5 to Notice of a Major Disaster Declaration

AGENCY:? Federal Emergency Management Agency, DHS.

ACTION:? Notice.

SUMMARY:? This notice amends the notice of a major disaster for the State of Mississippi (FEMA-1972-DR), dated April 29, 2011, and related determinations.

EFFECTIVE DATE:? July 6, 2011.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:? Tod Wells, Recovery Directorate, Federal Emergency Manage?ment Agency, 500 C Street, SW, Washington, DC 20472, (202) 646-3834.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:? Notice is hereby given that, on July 6, 2011, FEMA extended the cost-sharing arrangements previously set forth on May 5, 2011 regarding Federal funds provided under the authority of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, 42 U.S.C. 5121 et seq. (the ?Stafford Act?), as follows:

I hereby authorize as a pilot project a 90 percent Federal cost share through July 13, 2011 (75 days from the date of declaration) for direct Federal assistance for debris removal for those areas within counties designated for Public Assistance that are within, or immediately adjacent to, areas of "extensive" or "catastrophic" damage as determined and depicted by the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. Further, under this pilot program, FEMA shall obtain any applicable private insurance payments for debris removal to reimburse Federal costs to the fullest extent of the law.? This authorization previously extended 45 days, until June 12, 2011.

This adjustment to State and local cost sharing applies only to Public Assistance costs, limited to direct Federal assistance, for eligible debris removal under the pilot project. All other Public Assistance costs will continue to be reimbursed at 75 percent of total eligible costs. The law specifically prohibits a similar adjustment for funds provided to States for Other Needs Assistance (Section 408) and the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (Section 404).  These funds will continue to be reimbursed at 75 percent of total eligible costs.

(The following Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Numbers (CFDA) are to be used for reporting and drawing funds: 97.030, Community Disaster Loans; 97.031, Cora Brown Fund; 97.032, Crisis Counseling; 97.033, Disaster Legal Services; 97.034, Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA); 97.046, Fire Management Assistance Grant; 97.048, Disaster Housing Assistance to Individuals and Households In Presidentially Declared Disaster Areas; 97.049, Presidentially Declared Disaster Assistance - Disaster Housing Operations for Individuals and Households; 97.050 Presidentially Declared Disaster Assistance to Individuals and Households - Other Needs; 97.036, Disaster Grants - Public Assistance (Presidentially Declared Disasters); 97.039, Hazard Mitigation Grant.

W. Craig Fugate,
Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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