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A New Year, A New Course to Help Strengthen Public-Private Partnerships in Emergency Management


It has been a long and productive year working together with the private sector and we’re excited to continue to build on this progress in 2012. As we get ready to head into a new year, I am pleased to announce the release of a free, web-based training course that will help the entire team continue to build and strengthen public-private partnerships in emergency management – FEMA IS-660: Introduction to Public-Private Partnerships.

What makes this course particularly exciting is that it was designed in collaboration with both the public and private sector, and anyone can enroll in the coursefor free! The target audience for this training includes emergency management and community planners, senior-level personnel from response agencies, representatives from private-sector organizations, and federal, state, local, tribal and territorial government agencies that may participate in collaborative continuity planning efforts.

To whet your appetite, this new training will:

  • Provide learners with an overview of the importance of public-private partnerships to emergency preparedness, response, and planning;
  • Highlight best practices on identifying roles, and establishing and sustaining public-private partnerships;
  • Require only two hours of your time.

So if you have an interest in how the private and public sectors can continue to work more closely together in emergency management, I strongly encourage you to take the course. It’s available through the Emergency Management Institute’s Independent Study Program, so check it out today.

This training is another great example of what we can achieve by working together. Many thanks to all of you who contributed to this dynamic tool, and thanks in advance to all of you who will enroll.

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