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The page provides updates on the BETA site and is for anyone interested in the overall progress of the project.

Completed Items as of June 29

  • Fixed numerous bugs
  • Implemented back-end enhancements for content editors
  • Applied security updates
  • Added disaster declarations section navigation

Completed Items as of May 7

  • Added notification for mobile users to download the FEMA App
  • Added "In This Section" 4th menu on mobile
  • Made tables sortable / responsive
  • Formated content to display properly on disaster declaration pages
  • Fixed bugs

Completed Items as of April 7

  • Displayed the page content front and center
  • Built pages so they display on a tablet and phone
  • Increased the font size and line spacing
  • Use existing section headers as a table of contents for the page
  • Consolidated and created one main navigation list
  • Completed pages include: regular content pages, blog posts, and new releases
  • Built using bootstrap -- this is a techie thing

To Do List

  • New image rotator
  • Section navigation collapsing menu and formatting for mobile devices
  • Multimedia library
  • Document library
  • Share button formatting


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