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FEMA Region VII administers FEMA programs and coordinates federal disaster response in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. Our office is located in Kansas City, Missouri at the geographic center of the four-state region. Roughly 90 percent of the region's more than 13.5 million residents are within approximately four hours' driving time--allowing for a quick response by employees and the deployment of resources to disaster sites throughout the region. Regional staff work as a team with state, local, and tribal governments as well as non-profit groups, private sector, and other key stakeholders.

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Who We Are

FEMA Regtion VII currently employs more than 130 individuals. Staff members are responsible for administering all FEMA-related programs at the regional level and provide immediate response to disasters in the region. During times of disaster, the region can draw from a cadre of 527 Disaster Reservists and 47 local hires who are experienced in areas ranging from the delivery of disaster assistance to public information and more.

What We Do

From our offices in Kansas City, we coordinate with state and local emergency management officials, as well as non-governmental and private sector partners, to protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards. We have identified and assessed natural and man-made risks within the region.

Current Disasters in Region VII

Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska 

Here's what's happening in Region VII

Jeffrey Smith, Region VII, participates in Shakeout 2013GREAT CENTRAL U.S. SHAKEOUT, 2013: This year's Shakeout was a tremendous success, thanks to more than half a million Missourians who participated in the earthquake drill. During an earthquake, always Drop to the ground, take Cover under a sturdy object, and Hold on to it.

Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 7, 2013 -- Jeffrey Smith, regional watch branch chief, FEMA Region VII, participates in Drop, Cover, and Hold On! during the Great Central U.S. Shakeout earthquake drill at the FEMA Region VII office. Nearly three million people and organizations participated simultaneously from nine central U.S. states. FEMA photo Amanda Bicknell.

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As a reminder, when an emergency is occurring, always look to local emergency officials for relevant and timely information! FEMA is a support agency that assists states that request help as possible, in accordance with the laws that govern it.

Prepare Your Home and Business for the next Disaster


Photo of flooded houseAre you prepared for flooding and tornados? Discover easy ways to protect your home and business and see what other families in the Midwest are doing.

Check out these tips to ready your home before the severe weather begins.

Pacific, MO (March 2008) -- Flood water surrounds a home near the Meramec River. FEMA photo J. Augustino

Region VII Contact Information

To reach FEMA Region VII, call 816-283-7061

For more detailed contact information, click here.

Region VII Divisions

FEMA Region VII is divided into six divisions.


Beth Freeman, Administrator
Art Freeman, Deputy Regional Administrator

The disaster assistance division is responsible for providing federal assistance to individuals and households, as well as eligible public facilities in counties declared as major disaster areas.

Tom Costello, Director

The Response Division is responsible for constant situational awareness/analysis through the Regional Watch Center, as well as coordinating and implementing the federal response to major disasters, including readiness of the regional Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT), planning, operations, and logistics.

Dan Best, Director

The Flood Insurance and Mitigation Division is responsible for reducing flood losses by providing outreach regarding affordable flood insurance and for encouraging safer communities through programs that reduce the loss of lives and property damage.

Richard Leonard, Acting Director

The National Preparedness Division is responsible for the coordination and development of the capabilities and tools necessary to prepare for all hazards among all levels of government, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and communities.

Phil Kirk, Director

The Mission Support Division is responsible for ensuring continuity in the leadership of the agency’s critical business operations: unity of functions and purpose with key partners, and excellence in service to its customers.

Tim Siedel, Director


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