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FEMA Disaster Recovery Center Manager and Longmont City Staff Work Together

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This is an image of three women in the Longmont, CO DRC. The women include Edith Lovell, the FEMA DRC manager, (center), Maria Tostado (L) and Debra Darnofall, both of whom work for the City of Longmont, CO.
Longmont, Colo., October 8,2013--Edith Lovell, a FEMA Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) manager is working with, from left to right, Maria Tostado,who works in the Longmont, CO City Manager's office and Debra Darnofall, Longmont, CO, Risk Manager at the Longmont, CO DRC. FEMA is working working with local officials to provide residents affected by recent flooding. Photo by Patsy Lynch/FEMA - Location: Longmont, CO
Last Updated: marzo 19, 2014
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