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FEMA 508-8, Typed Resource Definitions, Search and Rescue Resources

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For ease of ordering and tracking, response assets need to be categorized via resource typing. Resource typing is the categorization and description of resources that are commonly exchanged in disasters via mutual aid, by capacity and/or capability. Through resource typing, disciplines examine resources and identify the capabilities of a resource’s components (i.e., personnel, equipment, training). During a disaster, an emergency manager knows what capability a resource needs to have to respond efficiently and effectively. Resource typing definitions will help define resource capabilities for ease of ordering and mobilization during a disaster. As a result of the resource typing process, a resource’s capability is readily defined and an emergency manager is able to effectively and efficiently request and receive resources through mutual aid during times of disaster.
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Icon for file of type application/pdfFEMA 508-8, Typed Resource Definitions, Search and Rescue Resources, November 2005
223.63Knoviembre 1, 2005
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