Using Hazus-MH to Promote Seismic Safety

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The Hazus-MH earthquake model has been used to carry out National studies of annualized earthquake loss, to develop scenarios for catastrophic planning, to support evaluations of seismic safety of hospitals and other essential facilities, and to support risk assessments and mitigation planning in seismically vulnerable regions of the United States. This poster showcases 2 examples: 1.) Hazus-MH Used in Support of Utah Seismic Safety Legislation. The State of Utah took important steps in reducing the vulnerability of schools to damaging earthquakes, as well as addressing its Unreinforced Masonry (URM) building stock. Hazus-MH played an important role in these initiatives; 2.) Hazus-MH Used to Generate Scenarios for Catastrophic Planning. In support of the New Madrid Seismic region, earthquake scenarios detailed loss estimates that were used in a series of State workshops in the Central United States.

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