Utah Tornado, Severe Thunderstorms and Hail (DR-1285)

Periodo del incidente: 11 agosto, 1999
Declaración de Desastre Mayor declarado el 16 agosto, 1999
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» Utah Division of Comprehensive Emergency Management
» Real Player Icon Utah Governor Leavitt and FEMA Region VIII Director, Rick Weiland Discuss Disaster Recovery Operations -- 0.98 MB
» Real Player Icon A Message from FEMA Director Rick Weiland To Those Affected by the Salt Lake City Tornado -- 82 KB

Photo of Gov. Leavitt and Director Weiland at a media conferenceUtah Governor Mike Leavitt and FEMA Region VIII Director Rick Weiland (on left) explain the disaster process to the media at the capital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Also pictured (left to right) Commissioner of Public Safety Craig Dearden, State Representative Merrill Cook, Chairman of Salt Lake County Commissioners Marry Callaghan, and Salt Lake City Mayor Deedee Caradini. FEMA Photo/Andrea Booher

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