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Greetings, I am a Marine Vietnam Veteran, Combat ...

Greetings,<br /><br />I am a Marine Vietnam Veteran, Combat Intelligence NCO, and compliment the use of social media to enhance FEMA's communications strategy.<br /><br />However, stating the obvious, ALL electronic communications are vulnerable to attack and/or failure which will reck havoc on responses especially at the local level.<br /><br />During a fierce firefight in Vietnam, a Marine company's radio networks failed! The company commander (whom I served with) created a team of runners using hand and arm signals to direct his men which prevented them from being overrun and decimated.<br /><br />This should serve as an example for ALL responders and communities to have Plan B, C, D... without electronic communications. Strategize and practice with runners and hand and arm signals.<br /><br />Semper Fidelis,<br /><br />David DeChant