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Here in Central Illinois, Ogden to be exact, have ...

Here in Central Illinois, Ogden to be exact, have prepared as we usually do for tornadoes, etc.. don't have a family as they have all moved away, just me and my wife.. being of retirement age we have a emergency kit set up with at least two weeks of needed prescription medication, any other that might be needed (Tylenol, allergy, etc), some canned items that won't spoil easily, batteries with flashlights, candles.. also battery powered radios.. bottled water, etc...everything gets rotated every so often to make sure they are fresh and usable..also have given the family information that may help responders and other officials to recognize any possible needs, location, etc if my wife and I were unable to for some unknown reason... just some of the things my wife and I do to be prepared, not only for potential quakes but spring, summer and winter storms also... <br /><br />Larry Woller<br />Observer, NWS ILX<br />PO Box 362<br />Ogden, Illinois 61859
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