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Planning for the "Big One" in southern California

Posted by: Nancy Ward, FEMA Regional Administrator Region IX

We received great and positive feedback on Tuesday’s kickoff of the Southern California Catastrophic Earthquake Response Plan (CATPLAN) from press and participants.  The plan specifies that federal and state agencies will work closely together in preparing for a potential large scale earthquake in Southern California.  Unfortunately, a major earthquake in Southern California is overdue and is a “when”, not an “if”, event.

And while the new CATPLAN is a step in the right direction, it’s vital that the entire community works together to plan for such an event.   Each year, FEMA participates in the “The Great California Shakeout”, a state-wide earthquake preparedness drill.  There were over 7.9 million participants in this year’s event, a great sign that California residents are taking earthquake preparedness seriously.

I'd be interested in hearing what you are doing to plan for a large-scale disaster. In California, the “Shakeout” is a great initiative to engage the entire community in preparedness.  Share what your state, city, town, or family is doing to show others you’re prepared.

- Nancy

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