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What we're watching: 1/7/11

The first full weekend of 2011 is upon us.  Here’s what we’re watching:

Severe weather
Meteorologists are calling for a storm system to bring snow to the Great Lakes, parts of New York (including New York City), and some of the east coast into next Tuesday.  Forecasts are also calling for potentially icy conditions in much of the Southeast this weekend, so be sure to track your local forecast at and visit to get prepared. As always, we’re continuing to monitor the coming weather closely, and through our regional offices, will remain in close contact with our state and local partners to ensure they have all the support they need throughout the weekend.

(For the weather-watchers among us, check out this forecast map of the precipitation expected across the U.S. in the next five days.)

A few press hits
MaryAnn Tierney, FEMA Region III Regional Administrator, encourages readers of the Sentinel Newspaper to consider a New Year's resolution (Prince George and Montgomery counties, MD).

The Bel Air (MD) Patch highlighted the Harford County Division of Emergency Operations’ receipt of the 2010 FEMA Region III Leading by Example Award for the work of the Citizen Corps Council.  Across the U.S. many Citizen Corps Councils volunteer to prepare individuals and their communities before a disaster strikes.  In Hartford County, the council developed and executed an impressive 37 separate preparedness initiatives.

Accepting the challenge
We’re also watching our challenge on, where you can share your idea on preparing before a disaster strikes. There have been a lot of great submissions - we would love to hear your idea, too!  The deadline for submitting ideas is January 29, 2011.

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