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Stef Gray:

I would like to send my prayers to all the people ...

I would like to send my prayers to all the people of Japan.. I hope response crews can save those trapped,and the injured. The people in Japan are still unsafe, as there are more aftershocks and earthquakes taking place.. I think that the Japanese government is doing a disservice to it's people. They need to come clean, tell the people how bad this event really is so they understand how important it is to get away from the fallout zones, and evacuate as many people as possible. The explosions at these Nuclear power plants are highly toxic and radioactive, People in Japan need to take KI.. Potassium Iodide, to help their immune systems to combat the effects. I pray to God that the Japanese and hopefully UN forces are able to stabilize, the fuel rods and cool them down or else WE ALL WILL BE AFFECTED. The cloud is now in the jet-stream and headed towards the U.S, Western Canada and Alaska. I also wish every one left, will come together in this terrible time. God Bless us all.. Japan, and the world. I send my love and support to all the victims of this event and pray that they are now safe.
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